image of houseThe purchase of a home is probably the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. It is only prudent that you want to protect your rights and investment from any future claims against the property due to flaws in the title that even the most experienced title searcher could not detect from the public records. Title insurance is the most effective and least expensive way to protect your ownership rights. Pike County Title issues title insurance from two of the leading Underwriters in the nation.

We are proud to be affiliated with the following fine national underwriter:

First American Title Insurance Company           

farm landscapeThe First American Corporation traces its roots to 1889, when Orange County, California split off from the county of Los Angeles. Two firms opened to handle title matters in the brand-new county. Five years later the two competitors merged into a single entity, Orange County Title Company, the predecessor to today's First American Title Insurance Company. In 1924, it became one of the first abstract companies in California to qualify to issue policies of title insurance. By 1963, First American was operating in four states and by 1982 was serving every region in the country.

hillside landscapeFirst American has sought out ways to provide the complimentary services and products that its customers need. Since 2002, First American has been recognized by FORTUNE Magazine as one of America's 500 largest companies. No matter what the future holds, First American is committed to providing the highest quality of information, developed with insight and delivered with integrity.